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Eva N (20) vs Anetka (23)


Anetka B. is a big, strong and beautiful woman. In this movie she shares a flat with Eva N. and she’s her room mate. Eva has an urgent and important date with a new boyfriend and doesn’t care about their flat very much while Anetka always cleans up for her and does their house keeping. During their conversation you’ll realise that Anetka is jealous about Eva’s new boyfriend and her first date. Is it because perhaps Anetka secretly loves Eva ? Find out ! She’s so upset that she starts a catfight and really slaps Eva’s face hard. Later she comes into the bedroom to console still crying Eva. However, Eva doesn’t want Anetka caressing her and starts to fight her on her bed. They’re really getting into it, sweating and pinning each other until they’re nude. This is the point when Anetka is able to show Eva her secret love and desire for her room mate. Will she be able to turn Eva’s sexual desire completely into girls with this sexfight?

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