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Juliana (22) vs Sunny (22)


Yes, it’s almost too good to be true ! These two beautiful novice wrestlers meet already in a trib catfight. Juliana meets Sunny who works out her body on the mat. Before Sunny would be able to say anything, Juliana – who fell visually in love with Sunny’s fit and beautiful body – grabs her, then she pushes Sunny against the walls and apparently begins to rape her at first helpless victim. Sunny defends herself aggressively, but the longer the two girls fight in close and intimate body to body contact, the less she is able to resist her beautiful opponent’s body, her caresses and her French kisses and the two girls soon begin a furious sexfight in order to make her opponent come first. We guess that we don’t give away a secret when we say that not just one of the two horny girls will have cum after you’ve watched the end of this sexy encounter.

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