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Juliana (22) vs Veronica (28) tribbing


Gorgeous Juliana looks like the younger twin of mature Veronica. Veronica is elder but she is a real beauty. She’s confident and she loves to have sex with girls, particularly as the dominant part. But so does Juliana, too. They have an argument about who can make more girls come and whom of them would be more attractive for other women. They decide to have a sexfight in their bed to find out who can make the other one come first. There’s some great competition, trash talk, wrestling, breast to breast and crotch to crotch rubbing, trib and emotional kisses. Find out if the younger one can proof her promise. Though, beating somebody like experienced Veronica in a tribmatch is a pretty tough thing to do. We’re curious if there will be more request for Veronica in the future.

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