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Lara vs Eva N TRIB-0464


Lara (28), Eva N. (24)
Both women are beautiful and almost equally built. While Eva N. is the more experienced veteran, Lara is the hot and energetic newcomer who still has got quite a lot of unexplored erotic and physical potential. The girls started out with slow, soft and teasing scissors trib positions just like they did in the recent round robin pussyfight tournament. Both girls didn’t hide their moans and their heavy breathing. It’s erotic while they’re trying to sexually dominate the other to the finish line. It takes quite a lot of self control for both of them to avoid cumming first. It’s almost inhuman how hard they have to resist avoiding their orgasms while both their bodies and their minds are more than ready to explode. Simply watch their red faces and hear their heavy breathing! Further on they’re changing into the missionary position, trying to achieve pussy to pussy contact while keeping their stomachs pressed against each other. That skilled pussy to

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