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Teen wrestling 22yr old girl and tribbing


Mariella brunette (19), Anastasia (22) blonde
This is the first time we are presenting two female warriors before their match begins, how they look at each other and how they prepare themselves for the match and what they’re thinking. Mariella takes a shower and talks some dirty but exciting words about Anastasia. Anastasia who’s already walking into the showers hears something about herself and she is upset. The two women start to challenge each other in the showers, female vs female, for real ! They decide to finish their match on the mat that is still covered with oil from some previous matches. Their oiled bodies glisten and there’s skin vs skin and sex vs sex soon. Strong Mariella is a real challenge for Anastasia both in wrestling and in erotic competition. This is an equal fight and may the better woman win ! You’ll like it !

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