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TRIB-0225 Denise vs Anastasia


Denise (28) , Anastasia (22)
Anastasia is a journalist for the Fempower magazine. She interviews wrestler Denise and when she gets her answers she has to find out that Denise does not wrestle for winning any championships but rather for her fun and for the erotic experience she’s got when she wrestles cute young girls. She also finds out that Denise does sex fights and while Denise explains how sex fights work, Anastasia gets hot and very curious. Denise offers her to introduce her into the world of sex fights and Anastasia agrees. This is the “sex fight teacher” versus the “curious sex fight novice” theme. There is a short but slippery oil match and finally some great tribadism with Denise enjoying her new find much more than she should have as she’s almost too soon driven into another world called “The world of trib sensations” !

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